2012 Award

Global Forum / Robert L. (Lex) Dilworth Award



NINA NIJS (The Netherlands)

Nina has been a strong supporter and long standing member of the Global Forum. She also was instrumental in several major developments with the Global Forum including the hosting of the 2005 10th Global Forum in Shanghai at the GE Learning Center there. She also introduced the “Galleria Walk” format, something we’re still using today. A modest person in demeanour, Nina is a highly respected professional with a vocation to help others do the best they can. She has supported the use of Action Learning and other forms of development. This has gained her the unique role of being a real strategic partner in her roles in HRM with GE business leaders.We honour her for her outstanding contributions to the field and to the Global Forum community of practice.

Nina currently is the Global HRM GE Power Conversion based in Paris. Previously she was based in Shanghai for seven years for GE, first as Chief Learning Office Asia Pacific and then Senior HRM for the region for GE Energy. She supported 3 regional executives that were leading Power Water, Energy Management and Oil Gas. Her focus was on building a leadership pipeline and making GE the employer of choice.

She joined GE in 1996 with GE Plastics Europe in The Netherlands after working 14 years with Avery Dennison. She held a variety of roles including Organization Staffing, HR Integration and European HRM for 4 of its business units.
In 2002 Nina moved to lead the Corporate Leadership Development team in Europe, Middle East and Africa based out of Brussels, Belgium. She was involved in building a strong LD community across the region, and was a founding member of the EMEA Women’s Network.
From 2005 till early 2009 she was appointed Chief Learning Officer for Asia, representing the Crotonville Corporate University in the pole and working closely with business leaders to share GE’s learning processes with strategic customers, suppliers and governments.
She has a BSc. in Mathematics and a postgraduate degree in Corporate Education.Nina has Belgian nationality, and is living in Shanghai.
She has 3 children and enjoys travelling and reading.


Lars Cederholm has pursued a consulting career in the field of organizational development, providing professional services to major European and US based national and international organizations. Among his clients are companies and organizations such as Apple Computer, Unicef, WR Grace and Grace Cocoa, Volvo Car and Volvo Truck, Himont, Pioneer Hi-Bred, Novartis Seed, Saab Aerospace, Saab-Bofors Dynamics, KeySpan, American Management Association, Disney Europe, Cemex (Mexico), DNB (Norske Bank), NYC Board of Education, AMC (American Merchandising Corporation), Brooks Fashion, Nordkorn (East) Germany, Scheering AG, Berlin, Skånska Lantmännen and Stroypolymer in the former USSR.

He has assisted top management teams with strategic planning, internal strategy development, and personal coaching of executives from these companies and others. He is the President of CCT Inc. a New York based consulting company established in 1981. He is a senior staff member of the MiL Institute, Sweden since 1986, where he has participated in more than 50 Action Learning (ARL) programs as Program Director, MiL learning coach and leader of personal and team development modules. Between 1993 and 1998 he was a lecturer on organizational behavior at Moscow State University in Russia.

Since 2000 he has been an associate of US based Oliver Wyman Executive Learning Center. Lars Cederholm brings thirteen years of international line management experience to his Organizational Development practice. His first position after business school involved assisting the President of Ivers Lee, one of the largest contract packaging industries in Europe, working mainly as an entrepreneur for new business opportunities in Sweden and Spain. Later, as Director for Sales and Marketing Lars Cederholm managed a sales force of regional managers and salesmen at Önos, a Swedish food and beverage corporation. From 1972 to 1978 he was CEO and head of production at Scandinavian Touring, a 120,000-passenger/year tour operator enterprise with key destinations in Europe, North Africa, the US and the Caribbean. He also successfully managed Surtico AB, his own import business until 1979. Lars Cederholm speaks Swedish, English, German, Danish, French, and Spanish. He holds an MBA from the University of Lund in Sweden and an MA from Columbia University in Organizational Psychology. He pursued postgraduate studies at The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland in Organization and Systems Development. He has written chapters for several books: Creating the Learning Organization (ASTD Publishers), Action Learning World Wide (Palgrave Publishers), Learning while Earning and Ledarskap och Tidsanda (MiL Publishers) He has written many articles in major US and Swedish professional publications related to organization and executive development based on ARL™ (Action Reflection Learning) technology. In 2001 his book of poetry, From the Horizon was published by Giorno Poetry in New York.

K.R. YOON (South Korea)

KR also has been a strong supporter and long standing member of the Global Forum. He was instrumental in several major developments with the Global Forum including the co-hosting of the 2005 10th Global Forum in Shanghai, China, and the 2008 13th Global Forum in Seoul, Korea.

KR served as the HRD Director of DuPont Asia Pacific for 14 years from 1992, and applied Action Learning in the corporate leadership programs as well as in various leader development programs for Asia Pacific. He successfully achieved the localization of leadership in DuPont Asia Pacific, which was considered as a role model to many global companies. KR also served as the HR Director of many businesses for DuPont Asia Pacific for 8 years from 2005, and retired from the company in 2013.

With his broad experience of developing people and organization, KR has established the Global Talent Management Institute(GTMI) as a non-profit organization in 2013 aiming to develop global competencies on all facets of society including individuals, business and government institutions. GTMI will help organizations to succeed in the global arena by offering world class training and education programs as a collaborative effort of many individuals and organizations from all over Korea and abroad.

KR joined DuPont in 1988 as the Sourcing Manager of Korea after working 9 years with Hanhwa Group, a Korean conglomerate. He had various experiences there including a manager role at the corporate planning office and its New York branch office. KR has BA in Law from the Seoul National University.

KR introduced Action Learning into Korean HRD society in 1993 with the Executive Development Program of SK Group. He also introduced Action Learning to Samsung Group, POSCO and LG Electronics where they applied Action Learning in their key leader development programs.

In 2005 KR established the Korea Action Learning Association(KALA) in Korea and he was elected as the first president. With the establishment of KALA, Action Learning became a very popular method of training and development of employees in many Korean companies, which helped Korea became one of the leading countries in applying Action Learning. He also established the Korean Facilitators Association in 2009 and served as the first president. We honor him for his outstanding contributions to the field and to the Global Forum community of practice.


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