In response to the expressed desire by many of you to continue the learning and sharing of our unique international community of practice, the Global Forum Organizing Team has organized a series of virtual discussions that we are calling Virtual Action Learning International Discussions (VALID). These virtual discussions or VALIDs are with Global Forum community members who have offered to draw from their field of expertise and share their unique perspective of the future and our current dramatic global transformation. We hope to offer presentations to you from now through May 2021, a learning bridge to the next Global Forum (June) 14-16, 2021 at MIT.

Dan Norenberg

Tomas Carlsson

Executive Ownershift Creating Highly Effective Leadership Teams

Dan Norenberg

 Executive advisor & consultant, CEO Executive Ownershift


Join us July 16, 2020, at 09:00 EDT/15:00 CET/21:00 Singapore for this 60-minute session.


About the speaker

Dan is an advisor and consultant for senior leadership teams. While mainstream leadership development continues to focus on leader development at an individual level, Dan believes that leadership performance and organizational results are best achieved by addressing leadership development as a team of leaders construct.

His most recent book, “Executive Ownershift: Creating Highly Effective Leadership Teams”, highlights best practices from his work with nearly 150 leadership teams from around the world.

To learn more about Dan’s work or to order a copy of his book, please go to


Session Overview

Organizations continue to pour money ($360 billion annually) into education, training, and development. There have never been more opportunities (executive coaching, business schools, leadership models & diagnostics) for leaders to get the support they need. Yet it seems to be not enough. Only one out of five executives believe they are part of a high-performance leadership team. Seven out of ten leaders do not feel they get any real value from the leadership team they are a part of. Something is missing.

It is called Executive Ownershift®.

Executive ownershift is a systematic growth process designed for the unique needs of executive and strategic leadership teams. It is a top down, team approach to learning that improves leadership performance and organizational results. Executive ownershift is the result of careful study and disciplined practice in the six areas that benchmark highly effective leadership teams. These benchmark areas include 1) building resilient relationships, 2) clarifying purposeful team practices, 3) creating a results-oriented framework, 4) making meetings matter, 5) crafting a senseful strategy and 6) creating an ownership culture throughout the organization.

We stand at a leadership crossroad. The past belonged to the heroic solo leader. Yet no one man or woman alone can manage the wicked problems of today. The future of leadership must meet and manage the demanding challenges of tomorrow. Tomorrow belongs to leadership teams, who learn together, and lead collaboratively with the belief that leadership means we before me.

Join Dan for a short impulse presentation followed by an interactive discussion about the why leadership is team driven, what challenges must be overcome to make this an organizational reality, and how to create conversations that help leaders at the top lead through their executive ownershift.

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July 16, 2020
9:00 EDT/15:00 CET

Dan Norenberg

Executive Ownershift: Creating Highly Effective Leadership Teams

Dan Norenberg, CEO of Dan Norenberg Executive Ownershift

July 16, 2020
9:00 EDT/15:00 CET

July 30, 2020
09:00 EDT/15:00 CET

Bonnie Hagemann

Leading with Vision and Hope

Bonnie Hagemann CEO of EDA, Inc.

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