This is no time for the Olympics, guys!!


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The Japanese government keeps up their assurances that the country can safely host the Olympics. However, Japan still has the lowest rate of COVID-19 vaccination amongst all the advanced nations. This is especially so among senior citizens. Hence, I am not yet immunised, nor my husband! How can the government possibly ensure a safe hosting of the Olympics that Japan can be proud of, in the current pandemic situation? I’m outraged!! I’m infuriated!!
Instead of turning a blind eye to the roaring external criticism, the government should tune in and listen intently to the voices of its citizens, medical professionals and the world. We are not happy about holding the Olympics now. What we should be doing first and foremost is to control the spread of COVID-19 by vaccinating all those inside Japan. Donating the vaccine to other countries at this stage is totally absurd.
Holding the games in the humidity of Japan’s extreme summer has never been a good idea! If the IOC wants to ensure at least a minimum safety level for the athletes, it should put aside its greed for a moment and act sensibly by postponing the Olympics again until November.

Wake up Japan, IOC, international broadcasters and sponsors!! Now is not the time for the Olympics!!!
This is the time to unite our efforts to fight against the COVID-19!