Postponement 2020 - Filippo Martino

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Dear Yury,

We are well so far and looking forward to remain fit. 

We where all unprepared, so we’re still in a learning process and, as everybody, we’re hopeful to see the end of this fairly soon and star the recovery.

Not everything will be the same. My hope is that, along with many uncertainties something good could come out of this global crisis. Among many:
- (unplanned!) learnings on smart working and distance learning wich are now used on a large scale in almost every job and service:
- a wiser national and international attention to unknown pandemics both to address research but also to be ready with structures and tools (masks, etc). In fact, its a strange situation: just in the meddle of debates such as returning to the Moon and planning to reach Mars or investing in AI for safe self driving, we discover population of the First World exposed to very old stile diseases! 

I’ve received notice of GF 2020 postponement (the first ever) as a consequence of the unprecedented situation affecting also our community. 
Let's be hopefull that before summer the pandemia will be over and soon after we could even find a time and a place where a few of us could convene and talk and reflect about this happenings. 

Best also from Olimpia, to Nadia, your family, the Gf team and colleagues,


Filippo Martino

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