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10th Annual Global Forum on
Business Driven Action Learning and Executive Development


2005 Global Forum Attendees




Monday, 06 June 2005

Special visit to the control centre and ride on the fastest train in the world (with speeds up to K500 per hour) built by Siemens - and hosted by Siemens, Shanghai

Please confirm your attendance by email to prior May 23.

  Tuesday, 07 June 2005
  Morning Pre-Program session

Departure Visit to Shanghai Volkswagen
A visit to one of the oldest, most profitable and respected joint ventures in China.

Please confirm your attendance by email to prior May 23.

11:30 Bus departure from the St. Regis Hotel to the General Electric Center
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch at the GE Learning Center
13:00 Official Welcome and introduction
*Yury Boshyk, Global Executive Learning
*Nina Dankfort-Nevel, Chief Learning Officer, General Electric Asia, China
*Alan Leung, President, General Electric Advanced Materials for , Greater China
*Rosa Lee, Human Resource Development Manager, DuPont
*Chris Johnson, Director, Human Resource Development, DuPont Asia Pacific
13:45 - 15:15


  • Chairperson:
    Yury Boshyk, Global Executive Learning
  • Executive Development Trends in Asia and China
    *Hellmut Schütte, Dean and Professor, INSEAD, Singapore
  • The State of Executive Development in Europe
    *Scott Saslow, Executive Director,The Institute for Executive Development, USA
    Research from best practices in over 50 of Europe's largest organizations, as well as other benchmarking studies
  • A Business School with a National Strategy: Lessons Learned
    *Nick Binedell, Dean, Gordon Institute of Business Science, South Africa
15:15 - 15:30 Break
15:30 - 17:30



Why do people act the way they do when it comes to knowledge (non-) sharing? Based on an interactive game, we'll see how people often do not practice what they preach. This will be followed by a discussion on Knowledge transfer in the Chinese arena based on research into how (not why) to set up an R&D unit in China, the opportunities and challenges of China as the world’s knowledge factory of the future will be presented. This will be done together with a representative from Philips.

Presenters: *Xiaoming Qi, Director AFD, Philips Lighting, China and *Arno Boersma, and *Jorden Hagenbeek, Squarewise, The Netherlands.

Commentator: *Michiru Yoshino, Japan, journalist and specialist on Japanese-Chinese company relationships on issues relating to intellectual capital and author of what Japanese companies are doing about their knowledge transfer in Chins? a series of articles written recently for the Japan Times.

17:45 Departure to the hotel for reception and dinner

Reception and dinner at the St. Regis hotel

  Wednesday, 08 June 2005
  Thursday, 09 June 2005
07:15 Departure to the GE Learning Center
08:00 - 09:30


  • Chairperson:
    Nina Dankfort-Nevel, Chief Learning Officer, General Electric Asia, China
  • Global Consortium Program
    *Florette Guildford, Alcan, Canada
    Global Consortium Program with Alcan, Honeywell, First National Bank, PanAsia Paper. A multi-regional senior executive B2B leadership and business development initiative.
  • The Talent Planet Initiative
    *Graham Higgins, Manager Learning & Development, Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong and *Nicole Cunningham-Snell, Regional Service Leader, Leadership Development, Shell, U.K.
    Cathay Pacific, Dell, Johnson & Johnson, Prudential and Shell have self organized a leadership discovery program. An open book discussion on how to combine world class speakers, real business to business learning and executive development
  • Networking within the Wallenberg Sphere—Lessons Learned
    *Martin Lindstrom, Novare, Sweden
    The Wallenberg family in Sweden, through its company Investor, is a major owner of such companies as ABB, Astra Zeneca, Electrolux, Ericsson, SEB, and others. Novare is the human resources and leadership development arm of Investor.
09:30 - 10:00 Break
10:00 - 12:00


  • Chairperson:
    Alf Keogh, Siemens
  • ABB
    *Paul Lewis, Group Senior Vice President - HR Operations, ABB, Switzerland
    The ABB Recovery - An update on how Leadership Development is crucial to our ongoing success
  • ING
    *Ruud Polet, Head of the ING Business School, The Netherlands
    Translating ING’s Executive Board’s agenda to ING’s Business Unit needs
    *Thiet Nguyen, Director, Executive Education, Johnson & Johnson, USA
    Executive Development in the service of a transformational growth strategy
    *Alf Keogh, Director, Siemens Learning Center and *Konrad Fassnacht (by internet link), Fassnacht Corporate Consulting, Innovative Learning & Distance Collaboration (formerly Siemens), Germany
    Virtual management for distributed action learning teams.
    *Pierre Guillon, Allied Domecq, Spain and *Anthony Baird, Director, Heuris Partners, Australia
    BHPBilliton hosted the 2001 GlobaL Forum in Melbourne and there presented the use of their StratLab approach to strategic thinking and planning. Both speakers presented at that time.
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch
13:00 - 17:30

(2 plenary and workshop sessions)

  • Chairpersons:
    Nick Binedell, Gordon Institute of Business Science, and Pierre Guillon, Allied Domecq
  • The Walt Disney Company
    Jane Horan, Director, Organizational Development, The Walt Disney Company Asia Pacific
    Integrated Leadership Development; an action learning program aligning business innovation with leadership development
  • First National Bank
    Bennie Anderson, CLO, FNB, South Africa
    The need for FNB to drive ownership as a core attribute, at all levels of the company, gave rise to the development of a leadership framework which  includes an understanding of diversity, resilience, dealing with change, caring and growing people, and attending to the wellness of self.
  • Government of Ireland
    Paul Bates, Assistant Secretary, Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism, Government of Ireland and Mary O'Rafferty, Irish Insitute of Public Administration
    Using Business Driven Action Learning in the Public Sector
  • Intel
    Brad Benson, Leadership and Management Development, U.S.A.
    This is session will look at the role of business driven action learning in succession planning and transition at Intel Corporation
  • ITT Industries: Developing leaders for the future: value based leadership development
    *Paul Kirkbride, Professor and Director Value Based Leadership, and Development & Chief Learning Officer , ITT Industries, USA
    In the increasing ‘war for talent’ it becomes imperative that organizations develop the capacity to identify, attract, retain and develop top level leaders for the organization. Given the scarcity of external talent and the increasing salary spirals it is important to do this internally as much as possible making the best use of the organization’s innate internal talent base. In this presentation Professor Kirkbride will outline how he has helped ITT to implement a completely new talent identification and leadership development process, highlighting the key issues and questions to consider.
  • Nedbank
    *Sharmla Chetty, Head, Leadership Development, Nedbank and Colin Rowley, Program Director, Gordon Institute of Business Science, South Africa
    Building organisational ‘stretch’ into young talent development programmes: The Nedbank-GIBS partnership. Issues to be discussed include: * Building a community of Learner Leaders in challenging times; The value of Tutorship in building scarce leadership capabilities; Encouraging vigorous organisational critique through peer review; Trial by Fire: refining top talent in the crucible of action learning; Playing off our strengths: leveraging the Business School – Client relationship
  • Nestlé
    *Bernd Moehle, Corporate Management Development & Sourcing, Switzerland
    'Nestlé on the Move' from Hierarchy to Inspiring Leadership
    Sakkie Jacobs, Global Human Resources Manager, SASOL, Germany
    Talent management in SASOL: people implications of rapid growth; resource planning and staffing; performance management, including appointment and promotion practices; and career development.
  • UBS
    Michael Sweeney, Managing Director, UBS Leadership Institute, Switzerland
    Leading companies now fully integrate their leadership development and their business development. This session describes the business-oriented approach to development of the UBS Leadership Institute whose job it is to ensure company-wide integration of business effort around a common culture, aligned with strategy, by involving senior executives directly in sponsoring and running leadership development .
17:30 - 18:45


  • Chairperson:
    Fernando Lanzer, ABN AMRO Bank
  • Global Leadership: From Values to Business Performance Improvement
    *K.A. Chang, Senior Vice President, Pan Asia Paper, Singapore and *Maarten Nijhoff Asser, THT Consulting, USA
    We will explore some practical ways of using the learning environment to address business problems and dilemmas differently. In particular, real case examples will be used to highlight -1. how a new way of thinking can be simply and convincingly introduced; 2. how that thinking can be applied across real business issues; 3. how this can help to drive culture change and improved business performance
  • Cross Cultural Challenges: A Culture Model for Business Driven Action Learning Initiatives
    *Klaus Bodel, Management Development, BMW Group, Germany and *Karine Remolu-Neumayer, Managing Director, TOP Consulting, Germany-France
    Knowledge and learning about cross-cultural management are crucial success factors in a global organization. This session describes the use of a culture model with seven strategic dimensions as a reference concept and a framework for leadership and management development.
18:45 Departure to the hotel
19:45 Departure to dinner
  Dinner, Shanghai Restaurant
Guest Speaker: *Walt Cheng, Global Business Director, Microcircuit Materials, DuPont Electronic Technologies
  Friday, 10 June 2005
08:00 Departure to the GE Learning Center
09:00 - 11:00

*Greg Holden, Vice President, Human Resources, Lockheed Martin and *Marilee G. Adams, Center for Inquiring Leadership, USA

*Erez Tzalik
This interactive workshop is designed to improve skills across a team or work unit using expertise that already exists in the team. Based on the Yoram-Harpaz model for learning, individual talent is categorized as skills, dispositions, or understandings. The workshop identifies talents of the team to spread specific talents to those who need it most. Participants of the Global Forum will experience the workshop first hand with the intent of teaching participants how to take the workshop and use it within their organizations.
13:00 - 14:00 Lunch
  • Chairperson and Discussant:
    Yury Boshyk, Global Executive Learning
  • Action Learning and Business Schools: Ashridge
    *Martin Lockett, Director of Business Development, Ashridge Business School, U.K.
  • Classical Action Learning “Sets”: It’s time to change the Set Meeting Format and here’s how.
    Ian Hall, Glentruim Change Agents, U.K.
    Although executives take part in and gain real benefit from AL, when they meet together as senior teams or boards, the format is almost always the traditional meeting with participants presenting their part and the co-ordination coming from a chairperson. Why do we invariably go for the same process? There is one simple test for the effectiveness of meetings. It is the “Energy” Test – Do participants come out of the meeting with more or less energy than they went in with?We will explore innovative approaches including World Café & Negative Brainstorming and share experiences of their use with Senior Leaders.
  • The "Outside-In" Interviews and Dialogues: How to get more from executive conversations and meetings
    *Chantal Fleuret, Global Executive Learning Network, France and *Glynnis Rennger, Immersion Lab, Canada

Feedback, Summary,
Announcement of the next Global Forum host and venue
and Formal Closure


Return to Hotel

  Informal Dinner in Shanghai - location and details to be announced


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