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IV Annual International Forum on Executive Development and Business Driven Action Learning

THESEUS Institute, Sophia Antipolis, 6-8 June, 1999



Sunday, 06 June 1999


Registration and Opening Session at Theseus

  • New Developments in Executive Development at Boeing

Stephen Mercer , Vice President, Learning and Leadership Development, The Boeing Company (USA)
  • High Impact Action Learning

Thomas Sattelberger , Corporate Senior Vice President, Executive Personnel and Human Resource Development, Lufthansa (Germany)



Monday, 07 June 1999




  • Young Managers Program: [Lessons Learned]
    Sergio Aragon , Corporate Department International HR Planning and Development, Boehringer Ingelheim (Germany)
  • Siemens Management Learning - How to Combine Action Learning and Distributed Learning
    Matthias Bellmann , Executive Director, Corporate Human Resources, HR Development, Management Training, Siemens (Germany)
  • Action Learning and Executive Learning for High Potentials in Company Consortia Programs
    Francis Bidault , Theseus International Management Institute and Jeremy Scanlan, VLSI (Sophia Antipolis)
  • Mission Impossible: Management Learning During a Takeover and Merger
    Wolfgang Kissel , Roche Diagnostics (Germany)
  • Over Twenty Years of Action Learning: The BOSNO Action Learning Company Consortium in Holland
    Gordon L. Lackie , Corporate Training Manager, Ballast Nedam (The Netherlands)
  • The Change Acceleration Program (CAP) as Action Learning at General Electric: Personal Reminiscences
    Bonnie McIvor, Head of Training, Unilever, (U.K.)
  • Developing Talent and People at Deutsche Telekom
    Silvana von Hayn , Director for Management Programs, Management Academy, Deutsche Telekom (Germany)
  • Benchmarking and Benchlearning ™ in Practice at Volkswagen
    Dietrich Over , Volkswagen (Germany)



  • Developing the Human Organization in Dramatically Changing Times: The Case of Asia
    K. A. Chang , Director-Asia, Human Resources, Praxair (Singapore)
  • Action Learning as Practiced by French Multinationals
    Nicolas Rolland , Ph.D. candidate, University of Grenoble, and Theseus International Management Institute
  • Action Learning, High Potential Teams and Emerging Markets: What Did We Earn and Learn?
    Miko Weidemanis , Senior Vice President, Scancem (Sweden) and Yury Boshyk, Theseus International Management Institute



Tuesday, 08 June 1999




  • Learning and Action: Accelerating the Development of High Potential Executives in the Canadian Public Service
    Charles Brassard , Director, Accelerated Executive Development Program, Canadian Center for Management Development: The Learning Center (Canada)
  • Action Learning at the British Post Office
    Christopher Cook , Senior Management Development Advisor, The Post Office, U.K.
  • Action Learning at the World Council of Churches
    Morgan Gould , Gould Associates (Switzerland), and Konrad Raiser, the Secretary General, WCC (Switzerland)
  • Can You Have Real Action Learning in Public Executive Programs at Government-Supported Business Schools? 
    Darroch (Rick) Roberston , Associate Professor, University of Western Ontario (Canada)




  • New Initiatives in Executive Development at Johnson & Johnson: Incorporating Knowledge Management Tools
    Ron Bossert , Executive Development (USA)
  • Anticipating the Future Demands for Executive Development from Internal Corporate Customers
    Nigel J. Freedman , Theseus International Management Institute, formerly Deputy Director Corporate HRM Training and Education, Philips 
  • Beyond Action Learning Programs: The Motorola Experience
    Kenneth Hansen , Vice President, Assistant Director Motorola University (USA)



  • Learning the Hard Way: Creating an Executive Program for Learning and Reflection
    Nigel Barrett , Managing Director, Balanced Learning, formerly Head of Executive and Organizational Development, NatWest Group (U.K.)
  • Action Learning: A Journey in Personal Discovery and Development
    Krystyna Weinstein , International Foundation for Action Learning and author of "Action Learning: A Journey in Discovery and Development" (U.K.)
  • Discussant:
    Mary Rose Greville , Theseus International Management Institute and Trinity College, Dublin



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