24th Global Forum
2019 | Paris

I would like to sincerely thank you for organizing an outstanding Global Forum. I thoroughly enjoyed it, got very inspired, learned a lot, have already shared some ideas with colleagues, and created new and deepened existing relationships. Absolutely wonderful, including the evening events.

Thanks a million.

Thank you so much for the invitation - I learnt a great deal and came away inspired and enthused for the role action learning can play in addressing the huge issues of our time.

Thank you for wonderful days in Paris!

So many interesting thoughts and inspiring people. Every time you return home after these meetings you feel wiser and also a bit empty from leaving good friends. Look forward to Boston.

Still reflecting my attending my first Global Forum. I would like to express my gratitude to the amazing trio that allowed it to happened and facilitated with such “brio" the three amazing days! 
Thank you for the invitation to participate and for gathering this group of outstanding people. I felt a special spirit of authenticity, energy and generosity in the group. I learned a lot and now feel inspired to go deeper into Action Learning, following your path. And with your support I intend to pursue the promotion of this approach among French companies! Thanks again.

Thanks again for the invitation to last week’s Global Forum. I always find the conference a rich personal development experience, and in addition … I look forward to Boston next year.

Thank you for a hugely inspiring and enriching 3 days. You are such a consummate facilitator it’s a pleasure and privilege to experience you in action.

It was a pleasure to be there and participate in your Global Forum meeting.

Thanks to all of you for the organization of the recent meeting in Paris. It was good to see so many old friends and meet new ones.

Great to see all of you, and thanks for a great event.

Thank you for the inspiring Global Forum in Paris! I learnt a lot and met various super nice and intelligent people. Lot of sharing and networking did happen.
I would be more than happy to join Global Forum in the future also.

I enjoyed participating at your Global Forum and I thank you very much for this opportunity. I learned something every single minute, every participant at the Forum was great, passionate and future thinking. Thank you very much indeed.
I look forward to the next Forum in Boston/Cambridge next year.

Thank you very much for an interesting day last Monday and for having me presenting – inspiring.

Thank you so much for inviting me to Global Forum in Paris. It was really nice to meet such a bright-minded and friendly people. You really have a valuable network there!

It was absolutely amazing that you provided me with a chance to attend the Global Forum.

Thanks again to all of you for a great and as always enjoyable conference!

I would like to thank you very much for the opportunity you opened for me to show my new photography work at the Global Forum in Paris and for all your care during the event. I had people who told me they were inspired by the photos and that was really rewarding.

Thank you for a thought provoking, inspiring, helpful, and daunting 2.5 days.  Amazing practitioners with golden hearts.  Humbling to be around.

My poem, from my presentation in the wisdom Panel, is included as a prayer that we will have the courage to meet the near future, in circumstances that will probably test our capacity to work together across traditional divisions.



Again thank you and your great team of devoted participants and staff.


Between deep shadows and the blinding sun
a sudden opening
An outpouring of rainbow light
self born from the sky
Hypnotic gravitation to go to the edge
What hides there?
A violent fall for the soul to repent the errors of the world?
Or, a paradise for the devotion and the joy of the heart?

Just close the eyes and step into the abyss
Dance with abandon in the sky palace of sparkling diamonds!
where all phenomena fuse into cosmic swirls
melting away like snowflakes on a field of flowers

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